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Hof Kasselmann Hybrid Auction

Join us for the new Hof Kasselmann Hybrid Auction of 13 talented young dressage horses, expertly selected and produced at Hof Kasselmann in Hagen at Teutoburger Forest. Register your interest for the Auction now and benefit from our 40 years of experience and passion in horse sport, in line with our principle, Your success is our motivation”.

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Hof Kasselmann Customer Service

Trust and comprehensive information are the essential foundation of a successful partnership. According to this maxim, the Hof Kasselmann has been selling high quality and internationally successful sporthorses for decades. The sizes of the horses have been classified by Hof Kasselmann as follows: S: to 1,62m; M: 1,63 — 1,66m; L: 1,67 — 1,70, XL: from 1,71m
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